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Michigan Magic Day 
Lecture & Performance



Armed and humorous, he earns his laughs and his living on stage with pick-pocketing, card-sharking, street-swindling and mental manipulation.

In Greg’s show, nothing is what it seems. Fast on his feet and quick with his wit, his signature is to make you laugh so hard you never notice your missing watch and wallet. But since he is the “Honest Con Man,” after he steals your stuff he gives it all back — most of the time.

Greg’s Criminal Act is world class — literally. Over the last two decades, he has “stolen the show” in 41 countries and is still “wanted” in every single one.


Baffling Bill

Baffling Bill's interest in magic began at age five, when a kindergarten classmate performed a magic trick for show and tell. The classmate made a ball disappear and reappear. This feat of magic left an impression on Bill that would not be forgotten. He started requesting magic sets for Christmas and birthdays as he grew up.

He would attend Norm Clothier's Magic Camp, check out magic books at the library, and put together shows for the neighborhood kids. Throughout junior high and high school Bill would win talent shows with his magic act.

Baffling Bill helped pay his way through five years of college performing shows and working at magic shops. After college he fell in love with and married Diane who encouraged Bill to go into magic as a full time career. In 1987 they established their magic company, "Absolutely Baffling Magic by William and Di."


Harry Allen

Harry can make you laugh while he astounds you!!! He is one of the most amazing magicians working today. Harry is a "magician's magician", and fantastic he is!!! His humorous magic and personable manner, make him one of the most popular magicians in the business. He is a veteran performer who has just the right touch to entertain groups of magicians and clowns. His years of experience as a magic dealer, performer and lecturer enable him to be the perfect host along with his partner Irv Cook. From showmanship to sleight-of-hand, Harry is the total entertainment personality. He will make your attendance at the Daytona Beach Festival of Magic a memorable one.


David Kaye

Silly Billy is played by David Kaye. He is not only New York's top children's entertainer, he is also one of the most respected and influential children’s magicians in the world. New York magazine raved, "Silly Billy has a knack for the sort of mischievous Looney Tunes jokes and asides that get parents as well as kids giggling." After graduating from Northwestern University, David became fascinated by child psychology. This research led him to create a brand new approach to entertaining children. His hilarious, edgy, new style took NY families by storm.


Henry Evens 

A world famous lecturer who has traveled around the world since winning the prestigious FISM Cardmagic award in 2000. Henry has amazed both laymen and magicians with his devious mind, producing miracles with cards, silks and coins with his particular twist.

If you have already attended a Henry Evens lectures, you know what an original and charismatic performer he is. If you have never seen him lecture before, you're in for a delightful peek in to the mind of a magician with a an interesting point of view on how to combine methods, fiction and clean conditions to produce strong magic. From clever uses of gaffes to effects with nothing else than a borrowed regular deck, Henry's approach to magic is something extraordinary. 



from  Michigan has been performing professionally since the age of 12. He has won numerous awards in close up magic. His blend of comedy and sleight of hand will surely leave you entertained.